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Success at OPES 2024: Strengthening Ties with PDO and Gaining New Clients

Recently, our company showcased its remarkable strength and extensive industry influence at the Muscat Oil and Gas Exhibition Oman 2024 (OPES for short). The exhibition not only served as a bridge to deepen our cooperation with existing customers but also introduced us to and attracted a large number of new customers, enabling us to explore new opportunities in the oil and gas industry together.

During the multi-day exhibition, our professional team engaged in in-depth discussions with numerous long-standing clients, sharing the latest industry insights and solutions, reviewing past collaboration achievements, and exploring future directions of cooperation. Simultaneously, our exceptional products and services successfully captured the attention of numerous new customers. These new clients expressed keen interest in our technology and solutions, and scheduled subsequent visits to our company to further discuss the possibility of deepened collaboration.

PDO Inspection Workshop

On May 8th, PDO visited our factory (HEBEI HONGCHENG PIPE FITTINGS LIMITED). They conducted a comprehensive qualification audit of our facilities and had a series of in-depth technical discussions with our technical team. After rigorous evaluation and exchange, PDO highly praised our factory environment, production processes, technical capabilities, and product quality, expressing firm confidence in our future cooperation.

In addition, our subsidiaries C&N and HUITONG conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with customers, showcasing our collaborative projects with OQ, OOEP, and PDO. This move not only demonstrated our company’s strong capabilities but also further strengthened our business relationships with clients.


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