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Type : Aluminum pipe 
Material : Aluminum 1100 A91100 B/SB 247, B/SB 361 B/SB 211, B/SB 221
Aluminum 3003 A93003 B/SB 247, B/SB 361 B/SB 211, B/SB 221
Aluminum 5083 A95083 B/SB 247, B/SB 361 B/SB 221
Aluminum 5086 A95086 NONE B/SB 221
Aluminum 6061 A96061 B/SB 247,B/SB 361, QQ-A-367,
AMS4127/4146 B/SB 211,B/SB 221
Dimension :  1/2in to 120in CL150 to CL3000
Feature : O–Soft,H111,H112,H116,H32 treatment


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We are well known Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of Grade 5086 Aluminium pipes. We offer these blends in different shapes and sizes to meet the demand of regard patrons. These Aluminium Alloy 5086 drawn seamless tubes ate manufacturers using superior quality of raw material in accordance with national and international norms. We’ve all the rearmost machinery and equipment to make these products with the help of experts and professionals. We also offer these products in custom made specifications per the requirement of the customer. The products we offer can be customized in sizes, density, range, grades, norms.

6061 (Unified Numbering System (UNS) designation A96061) is a precipitation-hardened aluminium alloy, containing magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements. Originally called “Alloy 61S”, it was developed in 1935.[2] It has good mechanical properties, exhibits good weldability, and is very commonly extruded (second in popularity only to 6063).[3] It is one of the most common alloys of aluminium for general-purpose use.

It is commonly available in pre-tempered grades such as 6061-O (annealed), tempered grades such as 6061-T6 (solutionized and artificially aged) and 6061-T651 (solutionized, stress-relieved stretched and artificially aged).


Product NameAluminium 6061, 6082 Seamless Pipe
Aluminium 5086, 5052, 1100 Seamless Pipe
7075, 1100 Aluminium Seamless Pipe
UNS A96061 Seamless Pipe
WERKSTOFF NR. 3.1255 Seamless Pipe
ASTM B211 5083 Aluminium Seamless Pipes
Size Range1/2″ (15 NB) to 48″ (1200NB)
Standard SizeDN40, DN50, DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200, DN300
Class / Pressure Rating150#, 300#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500#, PN6, PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40, PN64 etc.
Standards / DimensionsANSI/ASME B16.5, B16.47 Series A & B, B16.48, BS4504, BS 10, EN-1092, DIN, BS, GOST, MSS SP-44, ISO70051, JISB2220, BS1560-3.1, API7S-15, API7S-43, API605
Flange Face Types / Connection TypeFlat Face Flange (FF), Raised Face Flange (RF), Ring Joint Flange (RTJ), Lap Joint Flange, Male and Female Flange (M&F), Large and Small Tongue-and-Groove Flange (T&G)
ConditionTemper,Mill Finish, Anodized, Powder Coated, Wooden Finish, Polish
O – Soft
H111 – Some work hardening imparted by shaping processes but less than required for H11 temper
H112 Alloys that have some tempering from shaping but no special control over the amount of strain- hardening or thermal treatment. Some strength limits apply.
H116 Special corrosion resistant temper.
H32 – Work hardened by rolling then stabilised by low-temperature heat treatment to quarter hard
Relate materialAluminum:1070A,1060,1100,1200 ,2A11,2017,2A12,2024 ,3003, 3A21,5A02,5052,5A03,5A05,5A06,5083,5086,5454,6061,6063,6A02,6082,6005
Material Test Certificates (MTC)As per EN 10204 3.2 and EN 10204 3.1, Test Certificates certifying NACE MR0175, NACE MR0103
Applicationcryogenic applications,semi-trailers
Air separation plants
LNG and natural gas processing plants
Petrochemical plants
Hydrogen and synthesis gas plants
Adsorption and membrane plants
Cryogenic plants
Carbon capture and utilisation plants
Furnaces, fired heaters, incinerators
semi-trailers,Aluminum 5083 fittings for semi-trailers
TestsHydrostatic testing machine, Direct-reading Spectrograph, UI trasonic flaw detector, X-ray detector, Magnetic particle detector
Equipment / MachinesPress machine, Pushing Machine, Bending machine, Sand-blasting machine, electric bevelling machine, etc.


The mechanical properties of 6061 depend greatly on the temper, or heat treatment, of the material.[5] Young’s Modulus is 69 GPa (10,000 ksi) regardless of temper.[6]


Annealed 6061 (6061-O temper) has maximum ultimate tensile strength no more than 150 MPa (22 ksi),[7][8] and maximum yield strength no more than 83 MPa (12 ksi)[7] or 110 MPa (16 ksi).[8] The material has elongation (stretch before ultimate failure) of 10–18%. To obtain the annealed condition, the alloy is typically heated at 415 °C for 2-3 hours.[9]


T4 temper 6061 has an ultimate tensile strength of at least 180 MPa (26 ksi)[8] or 210 MPa (30 ksi)[7] and yield strength of at least 110 MPa (16 ksi). It has elongation of 10-16%.


6061-T6 aluminium standard heat treating process

T6 temper 6061 has been treated to provide the maximum precipitation hardening (and therefore maximum yield strength) for a 6061 aluminium alloy. It has an ultimate tensile strength of at least 290 MPa (42 ksi) and yield strength of at least 240 MPa (35 ksi). More typical values are 310 MPa (45 ksi) and 270 MPa (39 ksi), respectively.[10] This can exceed the yield strength of certain types of stainless steel.[11] In thicknesses of 6.35 mm (0.250 in) or less, it has elongation of 8% or more; in thicker sections, it has elongation of 10%. T651 temper has similar mechanical properties. The typical value for thermal conductivity for 6061-T6 at 25 °C (77 °F) is around 152 W/m K. The fatigue limit under cyclic load is 97 MPa (14 ksi) for 500,000,000 completely reversed cycles using a standard RR Moore test machine and specimen.[12] Note that aluminium does not exhibit a well defined “knee” on its S-N curve, so there is some debate as to how many cycles equates to “infinite life”. Also note the actual value of fatigue limit for an application can be dramatically affected by the conventional de-rating factors of loading, gradient, and surface finish.

6061 Aluminium alloy composition by mass:[4]

(% by weight)
(% by weight)
(others)00.15% total
(0.05% each)

Related standard in PDF


All our pipe fitting and flange shipped with proper packing protection, and our factory with good experience on special products like polished pipe packing ,FBE coated fitting and pipe packing, oversizes fitting up to 3500mm packing&shipping.

Common shipping and packing for our products

Item Producs   Dimension Surface Packing
1 Flange below 60in varnish oil wooden case sea/air  
2 Flange over 60in varnish oil wooden pallet/steel frame sea/air For OD over 2.3m
3 Fitting below 24in varnish oil wooden case/pallet sea/air  
4 Fitting over 24in black painting wooden case/pallet sea/air  
5 Fitting over 24in black painting Nude packing Bulk vessel For OD over 2.32m
6 Pipe Below 8in bundle Woven bag/wooden case sea/air  
7 Pipe over 8in single piece Woven bag/wooden case sea/air  
8 Gasket all sizes   Cartons/wooden case sea/air  
9 Fastener all sizes   Cartons/wooden case sea/air  

Also we can fulfill customized packing and delivery requirements. some of our products packing pictures as below

Flange packing Flange packing Steel pipe wooden case packing

Pipe fitting pallet packing Forge fitting packing FBE pipe fitting packing
SPW gasket packing Steel pipe bulk cargo packing Steel frame packing
Steel pipe protection Customize products packing Customize products packing

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy to enjoy our service by scan the follow Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of material does HONGCHENG supply?

HONGCHENG generally specializes in alloy steel and specialty alloys. Some of these specialty alloys include Alloy 20, Duplex Alloys, Nickel Alloys such as various grades of Hastelloy (C276, C22), Aluminum, Chrome Moly ASTM A/ASME SA 335 P1, P2, P5, P9, P11, P12,P22, P23, P91, and P92.
we also offer bending,CNC machining, coating service.

Q. What the define of pipe fittings?
Pipe fitting is the occupation of installing or repairing piping or tubing systems that convey liquid, gas, and occasionally solid materials. This work involves selecting and preparing pipe or tubing, joining it together by various means, and the location and repair of leaks.
Pipe fitting work is done in many different trades: Plumbing, HVAC, manufacturing, fire prevention, and many others. Pipe fitters (sometimes called simply “fitters”) are represented in the USA by the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada.
Fitters work with a variety of pipe and tubing materials including several types of plastic, copper, steel, iron, aluminium, clay, and lead.

Q. What should I consider for buying pipe fittings?
A. Material, Size, Temperature and Pressure Ratings, Durability, Standards,surface coating etc.

Q. What are threaded fittings?
A. Thread fitting is the fitting with thread concetions,the regular screw standards are NPT and BSP.NPT is a U.S. standard for tapered threads used to join pipes and fitting and BSP is a family of standard screw thread types that has been adopted internationally for interconnecting and sealing pipe ends by mating an external (male) with an internal (female) thread.

Q. The define of flange?
A. A flange is usually in the shape of a plate or ring which forms a rim at the end of a pipe when fastened to the pipe our factory can produce single forge base over 8000kg.

Q.Do you provide Material Test Reports (MTR’s) ?
Relevant documents according to inspection test plan will be provide along with goods.

Q.What is a standard used in pipe fittings?
A. Standards are certain authentication given in reference to manufacture and installation of the product . Some common standards are BSP, NPT, ANSI, ASME etc

Q. My questions is not answered in this FAQs section, what do I do now?
A: Simply call us or email us at info@alloysteelfitting.com and we will do our best to effectively answer all of your product or order questions. .



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