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ISO 10156 sour flange and fitting

ISO 10156:2017
Gas cylinders — Gases and gas mixtures — Determination of fire potential and oxidizing ability for the selection of cylinder valve outlets

Our company supplied list of ISO10156 sour service flange and fitting in Aug 2023, which meet not only ASTM A234 and ASTM A105, it also meet special SOUR Service Requirements as below

  • All materials specified for sour service shall, as a minimum, meet the requirements of
    NACE ISO 15156, Latest edition
  • For carbon steels in sour service, Sulphur content should not exceed 0.03% for flat rolled
    products, 0.01% for seamless products.
  • Forgings with sulfur level less than 0.025%
  • Longitudinally welded piping and piping components made from plate shall be HIC tested
    to NACE ISO 15156, Latest edition
  • Carbon Steel material maximum hardness 22HRC (248 HV10)

Notes: –

  1. This Data Sheet shall be completely filled by Manufacturer / Principal in Vendor response column,
    stamped and signed for acceptance. Quotation without this data sheet shall not be acceptable.
  2. Material requirement shall comply with the “Piping Material Narratives” (BST-GEN-PIP-SPCWPO-000-00002-00).
  3. End preparations for weld neck flanges shall be in accordance to ASME B16.25 fig 2a or 3a as
    applicable. B16.25, B16.5 has the guidelines for edge preparation.
  4. Weld repair of base material is not permitted.
  5. Flanges shall be of a forged type only. Flanges machined from forged bar or billet will not be
  6. Impact test requirement of Carbon Steel piping shall be determined by the design metal
    temperature-thickness combination curve B, Fig. 323.2.2A of ASME B31.3.
  7. Marking shall include nominal pipe size (DN), schedule number or wall thickness, charge number
    (heat number) and, where applicable, the heat treatment batch number. Marking shall comply
    with all requirements of ASTM A105.
  8. If sour service is specified, marking shall also include the identification “SOUR” behind the
    ASTM designation
  9. Prior to dispatch/shipment all Flanges shall be supplied with Bevelled ends. All Flanges shall be
    protected against damage by plastics caps/ wooden shields face protectors and bevelled ends to
    be protected by bevel protectors and shall be suitable to prevent damage during transportation.
    The packing shall be sturdy, as transportation has to be in desert environment on graded roads.
  10. Vendor shall submit along with quotation the reference list of past supplies to OOCEP or other
    international oil producing companies for similar Flanges to get confidence about the product.

NACE was established in 1943 as the National Association of Corrosion Engineers. NACE publishes standard practice, test method,
and material requirement standards for use by industry and other
corrosion societies. The NACE Coating Inspector Program has set
the standard for inspections in the protective coatings industry
and is the world’s most recognized coating inspector certification
program. Building on the momentum of the last 30 years and over
26,000 certified inspectors, NACE has recently enhanced the CIP
learning experience with more hands-on time with new inspection
methods and equipment, better graphics and video presentation
as well as additional emphasis on international standards. Industry
data show that NACE specifications have resulted in savings of
billions of dollars in costly mistakes. MGB offers both NACE and
non-NACE parts so the operator can choose the best option for
each application.



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