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Gulf Steel Show 2023

Gulf Steel Show 2023 – The Third Annual Steel Conference and Exhibition, from 21 – 23th FEB 2023 in Dubai,the conference involved steel pipe, pipe flange, and fitting for below range.

  • Development of pipes and tubes for Oil and Gas applications.
  • Manufacturing of pipeline and tubular products with enhanced mechanical properties.
  • Innovative material solutions for challenging environments such as sour services, corrosive serviceds and high / low temperature conditions.
  • Advanced welding and inspection solutions for tubular products
  • Industry standards outlook on manufacturing and product integrity
  • New technologies and improvements in Non destructive testing of tubular products and Nickel Alloy for pipeline.
  • Knowledge exchange between steel producers, tubular amnufacturers and end users.
  • Steel market recovery and import dumping.
  • Improving production efficiencies.
  • Hydrostatic test level for pipes
  • Material Selection criteria (Mechanical Properties, Corrosion resistance and excellent weldability)
  • Finite element analysis of In Situ Behavior – Material Model & Material Nonlinearitygulf-steel-show-2023



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