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heavy thickness duplex efw 31803 2205 pipe

Specification: PIPE ‚12″ – 22.23MM W.TH, ASTM A790 UNS S31803, EFW,
Quantity: 30PCS

Last week we shipped urgent duplex UNS S31803 pipe order to clients, It is made of high-quality materials that meet ASTM A790 standards, which makes it durable and long lasting. The pipe’s large diameter and with a wall thickness of 22.23mm provides greater strength and durability. As we all know, thicker pipes have a strict requirements during plate slectction. finally we get these material from TISCO.

since our factory already have exist 31803 WPS. 2205 WPQ for all the duplex material, the order finished in three days by put with priority at our factory. clik for 31803 WPS and 2205 WPQ


UR™ 2205Mo is a duplex stainless steel with PREN value higher or
equal to 35. The minimum guaranteed yield strength is 460 MPa
(N/mm²) 65 KSI.
UR™ 2205Mo is a nitrogen alloyed (> 0.15%) austenitic – ferritic
stainless steel with improved structure stability and high general,
localised and stress corrosion resistance.
This duplex, with 22% Cr and 3.1% Mo additions, performs much
better than 316L grade in almost all corrosive media. The yield
strength is about twice that of austenitic stainless steels. This
allows the designer to save weight and makes the alloy more cost
competitive when compared to 316L grade. Typical operating
temperatures are – 50°C/+ 280°C (- 58°F/+536°F). Lower
temperature could be considered but require additional precautions
for welded structures.
UR™ 2205Mo is a cost efficient grade designed for:

  • Oil and Gas industry including sour gas applications
  • Pulp and Paper industry (digesters…)
  • Chemical industry (reactor vessels…)
  • Acetic acid distillation towers
  • Urea Production
  • Phosphoric acid plants (reactors…)
  • Sulphuric acid processes (hydrometallurgy…)
  • Pollution control equipments
  • Truck, lorries
  • Chemical tankers



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