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Oman Water Week

Welcome to the Oman Water Week, an exciting event taking place in Muscat, Oman from 22 to 24 Jan 2024.

The event will bring together experts, stakeholders, decision makers, water professionals, technology providers, suppliers, contractors, academics, and entrepreneurs from Oman and beyond to discuss the challenges of water management in the region.

This conference is critical for Oman and the wider region, as it is crucial that we all work together to ensure sustainable access to water for generations to come. The event will provide an opportunity for experts to share their knowledge and experiences of managing water resources, and to explore the latest innovations in this area.

The event will cover a wide range of topics, including the impact of climate change on water resources, new technologies and approaches to water management, and the use of water as a source of energy. There will also be discussions on the legal and political aspects of water management, and how public-private partnerships can help to improve water infrastructure.

We look forward to welcoming all participants to this important event, and to contributing to the dialogue around sustainable water management. With the support of Nama Water Services, we are confident that the Oman Water Week will be a great success and a milestone in the nation`s progress towards a better future.



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